EESA11 Lec 8 Possible questions

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Environmental Science
Maria Dittrich

EESA11 Lec 8 Possible questions 1. What causes the hypoxia problems in the Gulf of Mexico? a. Hypoxia results from the stratification of marine waters due to Mississippi River System freshwater inflow and the decomposition of organic matter stimulated by Mississippi River nutrients 2. *** (KNOW) Provide the series of cause-effect relationships that result in fish kills in the Neuse River Estuary a. Sediment oxygen demand  frequency of hypoxia  duration of stratification b. Frequency of hypoxia  fish health  number of fish kills  number of fish kills  shellfish abundance OR 3. What causes the high hydrogen sulfide concentrations in the Black Sea? a. The Black Sea is virtually dead below a depth of about 170 m. the metabolism of some bacteria generates hydrogen sulfide and it is present in the entire lower layer of se
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