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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 9 Slide 2 y Water moves in two directions In summer forcepulling water up this is ET Water leaves the soil profile upward and some draining the profile down Water moving up meets the water moving down No net movement under short time Flux plane moves according to how much ET going on and how much drainage throughout the year In fall water comes in and some moving up It is short term When they meet its convergent The other is divergent In convergence percolation takes over and water moves downSlide 3y Percolation deeper but E in soil Plane move deeper and deeper in summer Flux plane quickly dissipated in September and October Movement coming down wipes moving going up This lasts 46 weeks at the most This graph is of a temperate humid environment like where we live inSlide 4 y Not deep water but water table about finer texture table and moves as throughflow which is sideways underground movement Slide 5y Micropores is natural pore spacey When root from tree grows root decomposes but leaves pipe in ground where worms go Larger openings can be made beneath ground Water will move there much easily These are macropore fingered and funnel flow Slide 6y Not a lot of macropore in sand because if you told it in hands it f
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