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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 7 y Energy balancemass transfer dont actually measure ET y Bowen ratio measures PET y Liquid to vapor and then conveyance of vapor away y 3 methods are mainly research based methods and small scalesy Need receiving atmosphere to be totally not saturatedy THE OVERBAR DENOTES TIME AVERAGING y Measure turbulent flux of energy y Things dont move vertical there are other things that happen like turbulence y Eddy Correlation measures actual turbulence flux out of these places y Measures amount of water in the atmosphere y Dont need to know this equation It wont come on test y 3D anemometer measures wind speed Lasers that shoot between those 2 that measures 3D wind speed This is how you get turbulence flux y The thing behind gathers water vapory Why do you look at both temperature and humidity Most measure absolute humidity not relative humidity y You are really trying to measure relative humidity which is saturated vapor pressure y Supersaturated has more to do with with P than E y Need to measure
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