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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 8 y Vadose is same thing as unsaturated zone y In the groundwater below pressure becomes positivey The more negative pressure the more suctiony Pressure in soil water zone is less than atmospheric pressure right at the water table where groundwater starts and the increases in groundwater zone above it because of mass y Theta volumetric moisture contenty AC are both through hydrogen bonding y Amount of tension related to soil characteristics y Larger radiusless tension and vice versa y pieR is area y And 2 pieR is circumferencey More tension in smaller pores y Larger pores drain first then smaller pores When filling small ones fill first then large ones y Tensiometery Saturates means tension is 0 y When wetter matric suction goes down y In order for water to leave soil matric air needs to get in there and push it out Not going to drain until air gets in and can push it out This is visible in well sorted types of soil like sand y Once air is out volumetric moisture content goes up y To get last part of water its hard y Clay isnt well sorted Air entry but not quant
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