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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 11 y WS Surface water is fast and prominent of how water is passed Know quality and quantity coming out Quantity doesnt stay the same glaciers melts y WQ Side sewers dump into rivers very few dump in the lakey FP Money goes towards protecting flood places North Dakota gets flooded every year y 1 Imp for assignment and thinking about what could effect a flood or runoff or stream flow from some area that you need to work on y Bigger watershed has greater stream flow because land is bigger y Stream flow decreases downstream because land gets smaller y 2 How hilly or not an area is Generally runoff on surface occurs downhillWater flows perpendicular to water flow and hence will flow off on two sides y Mountain area you get a lot of high flow discharge depending on how much rainfall or snowmelt you get Flatter area doesnt convey water as quickly as mountain area y Right longer distance for water to travel so smaller peak discharges but more sustained hydrograph flow over time y Which way the water shed is pointing This is imp for where its energy is going y 5 Produced bottom up y Stream flow
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