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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Environmental Science
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Carl Mitchell

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Lecture 12 y A assumes that baseflow during a precipitation event is constant amount at start of storm same as at end of stormProblemsometimes discharge does not come back down to this constant discharge for a very long time multiple storms possiblyy B assumes an immediate response in baseflow to precipitation and connects start of the rising limb with the inflection point of the recession curveIf you plot ln Q of the regression Q against time you will find an change in slope the inflection point y C assumes a continued decrease in baseflow during the rising limb until peak flowThis minimum is then connected to the same inflection point as in method B yy Baseflow comes from groundwater and should it change over the time of a storm Probably will go up and discharging is increasing Most apt to use method a because any increase amount in baseflow is due to the storm y Discharge data plotted on graph ln Q you will see inflection point and where it goes from straight to change in slope That timing of inflection point is where you actually make your point to inflection point fig533 Increasing amount of baseflow throughout storm y Presume continuing baseflow shape until peakflow Baseflo
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