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Environmental Science
Zachariah Campbell

Genetically Modified FishGFP is extracted from jellyfish and put into zebra fish to create Glofish greenoCoral gives red glow gene oDont pose any threat but warned to not to eat them oNot likely to be invasive if released into wild Transformation in molecular biology the genetic alteration of a cell resulting from direct uptake and incorporation of exogenous genetic material from surroundings oTransformation is one of the three processes by which exogenous genetic material may be introduced into a bacterial cells The other two are conjugation and transduction oTransduction process of transferring genetic material from one cell to another by plasmid or bacteriophage oConjugation transfer or genetic material between bacterial cells by direct celltocell contact or bridgelike connection between two cells Engineering Animals and Fish Engineered tissue must be capable of development into adult oWhether engineering occurs in sperm cell fertilized eggs or blastocysts stem cells Electroporation significant increase in electrical conductivity and permeability of cell plasma membrane by applying an electrical field allows us to introduce substance into a cell like DNA oMicroinjection process of using a micropipette to inject a liquid substance at microscopic leveloBiolistics Linear DNA survives replicates and can be expressed extrachromosomally although we dont understand why oLeads to the formation of large concatenated molecules chainlike oThese linear DNA sequences are incorporated into genome at later stage of development of the zygote Theyre incorporated into genome through homologous recombinationsimilar chromosomes switch parts of their chromosome with each otherFormation of mosaic animals is common ie only some of the stem cells incorporate the DNA and express it Final adult is patchy
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