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Environmental Science
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Lecture Nine N Snow o Formation of snow begins with the gradual growth of ice crystals in cold (<< 0 degrees Celsius), high-altitude cloud. o Water in the liquid state blow 0 degrees Celsius is referred to as super cooled (freezes if it impacts an object such as airplanes) o Super Saturation when air is saturated (100% relative humidity) with respect to water it is supersaturated (>100% rh) with respect to ice o The shapes of snow flakes are controlled by super saturation of water vapour N Value of Snow o Snow is an important water source for groundwater recharge o Insulates soil reducing frost penetration o ,25479,39.42543039419K0,79K87,L,9L43-:J09:094L98KLJK albedo. N Blizzards - Extreme winter storms defined as sustained wind speeds greater than 40kmh, visibility less than 1 km, and wind chills equivalent to -25 degrees Celsius N Wind Chill Relationship between air temperature, wind speed and wind chill. Freezing to human skin occurs almost instantly at -50 degrees Celsius. In Canada, 80 lives per year are lost due to hypothermia and frostbite (more than to all geological hazards combined). N Freezing Rain Develops when precipitation
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