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University of Toronto Scarborough
Financial Accounting
Daga Sandra

MGAC01 Case Assignment 1 Due DateTuesday Feb 4 2014The management of HealthisUs Ltd has spent the past year reorganizing the companys business activitiesThe company has been a service provider to hospitals in not only Canada but also parts of AfricaOriginally the company had operated only in Canada where hospital care is provided at government expense through public health care systemsAfter demonstrating successful operations the company subsequently was invited by several African governments to extend its expertise to providing services on that continent particularly as a result of the intense need for external support that arose from the AIDS crisisThe African operations were supported by the various nations governments with additional aid provided through the Stephan Louis FoundationThe Foundation requires HealthisUs to provide audited financial statements each year as a condition for continuing its supportHealthisUs has been under pressure to decrease the cost of its services to hospitals as a result of severebudget pressure on the governments that bear the ultimate cost of hospital careThe company has consolidated some services reduced its workforce and sold some parts of its operationsIt now is December 31 2012 the end of the fiscal yearThe vice president Finance has requested y
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