Lec 11 ch.9 Emerging Trends

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Financial Accounting
Bill Mc Conkey

MGTC11 Wk 11 Lec Notes March 29, 2011 *slides not uploaded on time Telus - Bell had a monopoly on phone services, has evolved into oligopoly - Innovation and competitive price pressures - Oligopoly power Rogers, Bell, Telus force-feed us a lot of things - Ad wizards said they should have front-end - Personalize and connect (warm fuzzy frogs) - Frog on every commercial, mostly saying give me your money - Services going to be added, trends changing - Smart business and consumer person are ppl who say wisdom still matters - Even though frog says to update and adopt, wonder where all entrepreneurial time going - Some better suited to you, identify, and exploit when and where to use technology - Where you spend money and time - Technology reduce necessary and unfulfilling tasks - Understanding technology is important, dont be persuaded - Apply first principles of what we have been learning Introduction - Four major topics - Changing developing internet - Internet 2.0 basket of services: way we adopt and exploit Internet in the future - Pure tech trends, new methods of communicating wirelessly - Very specific applications of wireless - Physiological interaction, person involved (engagement bw person and machine) The Changing Internet - Software-as-a-service - Founder of Intel network is the computer - When first start networking computers together, power of collective - Didnt matter where piece of data is - Computer was there to accesscertain piece of info - Doesnt care logically where piece of software is - Where Excel, databases are www.notesolution.com
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