Diagnosing & Aligning Lec 9 Ch.10-11

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Financial Accounting
Prof.Jan Klakurka

MGTD54 Week 9 March 17, 2011 Diagnostic vs. Interactive Control Systems Maintain our return on management Link back to strategy Diagnostic Control Systems Benchmarking What is wrong, what can do (poke, prod) At some point, some measurement that says everything looks normal Management by exception Dont necessarily care about measuring everything Other metrics nice to know Not necessarily need to achieve organizational goals Uncover why customer is not profitable Cost increase if have to cause lots of garbage Manager seeson exception report Lagging indicator, ROI Future determined by strategy Where is next opportunity Not after fact exercise Credibility with organization, feedback process that employees understand Endorsed by leadership High level measures transparent enough What can go wrong might, mitigate in advance As a manager, take in account like seasonality www.notesolution.com
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