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Financial Accounting
Daga Sandra

Jaymon Hung – 998255891 MGAD70 th Class 1 – May 7 First class started pretty nice with us getting to know each other in our groups and in the class, and us giving Prof. Daga a bit more information about ourselves. In that class, we were introduced to the approach of the Multi-subject question. This was much similar to the cases I took in intermediate accounting, but with more information and requires a higher level of understanding and case writing skills. The most interesting part is the problem of ranking issue. This is because, during professional exams, it is never expected that we would be able to address all issues in a case. Rather, what we would have to do is address the major or primary indicators first and then tackle secondary issues if there was time left. We should rank issues based on their materiality or hooks that are present in the case, and then list them as either Primary Indicator or Secondary Indicators. Case Taken Up: Warmth Home Comfort Limited (WHCL) – GAAP / GAAS o Issues:  Warranty Estimation / Accrual  R&D Expense  Revenue Recognition – Contract  Monthly Fees / lease  Accrual Estimation o Hooks: D/E Ratio Class 2 – May 9th Today we took up our first Comp Case “Heart Wines Limited”. Although I have read about how to write a comprehensive case, it was still hard to write this case as it was the first time we got such a long case. However, after reading the comprehensive case approach, it was ok, and I was able to prepare the Heart Wines Limited case. What really intrigued me is that the comprehensive case approach is not like our previous cases where we can just tackle each problem on the case, and be done with. But rather we need to assume the role provided in the case and provide solutions to the various business problems. Of course, the first time, I did not get the approach exactly correct and did not get the “Circles” right. What I like about this course is that Prof. Daga also explains the cases in class, and how we should approach the cases to get the most marks possible. This is interesting as we would need to know how much to write for each case as if we write too much in one area, we might get “HC” for that area, and fail for the whole case as we did not address all areas of the case. Case Taken Up: Heart Wines Limited (HWL) o Issues:  Accounting Policies  Acquisition of PPE, biological assets  Repairs: Expense or Capitalize? Jaymon Hung – 998255891 MGAD70  Start-up Costs  Inventory (IAS 42) – Agriculture  Loans  Viability – Cash Flow Projection  Income Tax Issues  IT Audit  Auditing Issue – Audit Planning Memo Class 3 – May 14th Although this was simply a practice case, it was by far the most stressful exam I have ever written. I never expected that it would be so hard to tackle all the accounting issues at the same time, while ranking to determine which one is more important. However, I was still happy that I was able to identify the key hooks and constraints of the case and still create a general outline to discuss the auditing issues. After discussion the case with the whole class and with Prof Daga, I got to know where my strengths are, which are identifying that something is an issue, but my weakness is the technical aspect of accounting. Therefore, I knew to prepare for the multis and comps I would have to review key accounting topics from C07 and C08 again. Tiri
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