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Class Notes for Finance at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)


MGFC30H3 Lecture Notes - Convenience Yield, Marginal Utility, Vehicle-To-Vehicle

OC785111 Page
______________________________________________________________________________: explain the similarities and differences between forwards and futures c
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UTSCMGFD10H3Derek ChauSummer

MGFD10H3 Lecture Notes - Dow Jones Industrial Average, Cheat Sheet, Current Yield

OC1287855 Page
Instructions: write your first/last name and identification # (student number) on the. General purpose answer sheet (scantron) and fill the correspondi
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UTSCMGFB10H3Derek ChauSummer

MGFB10H3 Lecture Notes - Tax Shield

OC66713 Page
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UTSCMGFD10H3Derek ChauWinter

MGFD10H3 Lecture Notes - Bollinger Bands, Trin, Commercial Paper

OC1287855 Page
A theory that explains the tendency for certain lesser-known companies to outperform better-known companies. The neglected firm effect suggests that th
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UTSCMGFB10H3Ling CenFall

MGFB10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Financial Engineering, Sole Proprietorship, Socially Responsible Investing

OC18554834 Page
Corporate securities as contingent claims on total firm. The value of the firm can be thought of as a pie. The goal of the manager is to increase the s
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MGFC30H3 Lecture Notes - Arbitrage, Call Option, University Of Toronto Scarborough

OC785112 Page
1. the following are european call and put prices for a stock on november 9 (today): The maturity dates of the options are on fridays preceding the thi
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UTSCMGFB10H3Syed AhmedWinter

MGFB10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cash Flow, Budget Constraint, Income Statement

OC9499586 Page
Choice of projects depend on assumptions and what is your budget constraint. The more debts the more risks the company is facing. Cash and equity belon
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UTSCMGFD10H3Derek ChauFall

MGFD10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Net Present Value

OC3875412 Page
Given e1 = , d1 = , b = 0. 4, k = 0. 15, and g = 0. 08. [in this example, we assume the constant growth model, that means the firm has constant growth
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UTSCMGFC60H3Derek ChauSpring


OC1698393 Page
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MGFC30H3 Lecture Notes - Currency Swap, University Of Toronto Scarborough, Swap Rate

OC785110 Page
Interest rate & interest rate futures: (required for test-1) A firm entered into a forward rate agreement with a bank. The firm agreed to pay the bank
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UTSCMGFB10H3Derek ChauSummer

MGFB10H3 Lecture Notes - Effective Interest Rate, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Mortgage Loan

OC667111 Page
Solution: m = 365, m = 4, m = 3, m = 2: 365: continuous compounding, the effectively monthly rate is: m f k. 1: m=4, f=12, m=3, f=12, m=2, f=12. 2: whe
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UTSCMGFB10H3Derek ChauSummer

MGFB10H3 Lecture Notes - Sole Proprietorship, Financial Statement

OC66714 Page
Chapter 2: janice borrowed ,000 from friends and family to start her company (a sole proprietorship). Recently, business has been poor, and janice has
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