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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes translated in English

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elena Voskovskaia

Lecture 71 The Teaching of ReadingThe teaching of reading sees the development of two skills according to the studentThe skill of readingThe skill of understanding written documents11The Skill of ReadingThe global skill of reading can be seen in three blocksBase Skill the student takes hold of explicit written information he understands of what and of who he speaks he can pull precise information from a written text etcImproved Skill the student can reconstitute the organization of the explicitby finding written sequences the cause the chronology the referencesby mastering the rules of the written code the types of phrase the agreements theverbal forms etcRemarkable Skill the student can discover the implicit sense between the lines of a text by establishing a link between informationby disengaging from an idea a hypothesis of a soundby disengaging from the context of the sense of an unknown wordAt the level of remarkable competence the student is capable of understanding the sense of whatever written documentThe main object of the reading in class is the learning of reading strategies and not the immediate comprehension of textThe activities of the learning of reading strategiespermit the student to want to read and like to read in the target language FLSform active independent listeners Among the other objectives of the skill of learning by the student of FLS you can mentionthe mastery of the phonological system of Frenchthe discovery of the written system in French the soundgraphics relationship12 The Choice of TextsThe choice of written documents depends on the needs and the level of the student in basing itself on the following criteriathe text includes the number of suitable lexical and known and unknown grammatical elementsthe sociocultural content of the text permits one to do an intercultural comparison
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