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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes translated in English

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elena Voskovskaia

Lecture 81 The Teaching of Grammar11 The Types of GrammarThe term grammar is polysemous and it includes domains such as Grammar of learning the student works on new language structures It is grammar development offers a description of the language according to the differentDescriptive grammarpoints of view this type of grammar is represented by manuals Grammar of text of phrases etc Implicit grammar in forms of structural exercises of reuse etc The student masters this type of grammar with the help of dialogues of feedback of descriptions etc The student is to automate the use of certain linguistic structures Explicit grammar the representation and the explication of grammar rues it serves best to distinguish the linguistic properties between L2 and L1 The objective of the teaching of grammar to develop in students a grammatical consciencethe idea that knowledge of grammar is necessary to master well FLS It is important to promote in the student the process of explorationdiscovery in the domain of grammar rather than the mastery of grammatical theoryThe role of the student to learn to structure the operation of the language construct its grammarThe role of the teacher to help the student construct his grammar through offered models by linguists by controlling their hypotheses of use etcThe teaching of grammar can include the following steps Grammatical conceptualisationThe systematisation of grammar pointsThe fixation of grammar points and their acceptance by studentsThe reuse of grammar points learned in context so that students can acquire a real competence of communicationThe treatment and use of errors12 The conceptualisation of grammar grammar This activity is part of the communicative method by representing living
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