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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Notes translated in English

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Elena Voskovskaia

Lecture 91 The Teaching of OralThe teaching of oral French aims to develop in the student two skills The skill of oral comprehensionThe skill of oral expressionproduction11 The Skill of Oral ComprehensionThe general objective of the teaching of oral comprehension is to give to students an access of information of oral text so that they are capable of establishing ties of spotting indexes and of deducing a principal idea The student must be motivated to learn the sense of text not grammar From a cognitive point of view understanding an oral text assumes two operations recognition and deductionThe objectives of the learning of oral comprehension in the FLS course from beginners to experts are the following Work on the lexicon and the sociocultural content o Discovery or recognition of lexicon in different situations o Discovery or recognition or language records o Discovery or recognition of cultural factsWork on the phonetic aspect of the languageo Discovery or recognition of different accents o Discovery or recognition of different sounds Work on the morphosyntactic aspect of the language o Discovery or recognition of different linguistic structures Work on the thematic content o Discovery of key words o Global detailed and analytic comprehensionWork on the strategies of comprehensiono The taking of notes in the teaching of oral comprehension The main pedagogiesOral comprehension must be interactive and repeatedThe chosen texts must be likely and interesting so that students can find there models of communication of cultural information of practical linguistic modelsThe teacher of FLS can also use audio recordings
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