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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Notes translated in English

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elena Voskovskaia

Lecture 11The organization of work in the FSL class1The planning of workIn general teachers are divided into two groups planners and synchronizersThe planners spend their hours preparing their classes to the smallest details Sometimes they feel upset if their demand of activities is outside of the planThe synchronizers prefer to prepare a plan of essential objectives in their classes by counting on their experienceNevertheless a teacher who does not plan his courses is easily unveiled by his students HE is thus advised to make a good evolutionary plan in continuing developmentBefore writing the plan the teacher must consider the following stepsa Elements of learning The learning objectives referredThe contentThe strategiesThe evaluationb The inventory of available resources Pedagogic tools manual posters images objects etcTechnological resourcesResources Tablec The planning of pedagogic actionsThe teacher takes into consideration the learning elements resources and the level of students2The planning of an integrated lessonMethodological steps possible The student is set in the presence of a document without any prior objective than that to understandThe student moves from global comprehension of the document to comprehension of detailsThe teacher focuses his attention of students on certain elements of a textdocument that constitutes the objective of the lessonYou practice book exercises that aim to reinforce the comprehension of these language factsYou use central activities focused on the objective which also requires knowledge and broader skills role playing written productions etcYou add activities integrating culture video clips and debates composition on the subject discussed in class exposed roleplaying based on the reading of news items etcOral and written production activities in class
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