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Lecture 4

GASA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Global Asia, Raymond Williams, Edward Said

Global Asia Studies
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Jin Park

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Global Asia Studies WEEK 4 Lecture_________________________________________________
Part 1; medicine, western medicine replaced traditional medicine
japan as colonizer and korea as the colonized
Week 3; how physicians, doctors dealed with this new medicine
WEEK 4 ; Popular culture
Ex of pop culture; enjoyed by majority of ppl baseball, movie
Culture vs. Popular culture
Raymond Williams; proposed new ways of thinking about culture, culture forms that were widly
enjoyed through ruling class opera
To understand Pop culture; origin and development
EDWARD SAID; white-west, The middle east, Orientalism ,Representation and disparity ,
Repertory of images,“timeless orient”
o Grew up in palestain
o He wanted to write; he looked at art, music, paintings, images,
o Rep and disparity; images diff from his own experience and culture
o Timeless orient;
Japanese Representation of Korean women
Were shown as naked, erotic, pic postcard
Gazed by photographer, posing herself for a colonizer
Pic postcard; jap protecting Korean women against Russian power
1936 Berlin Olympics Marathon
Sohn kee-chung ;
Baseball in Taiwan
History of baseball in 20 th century of Taiwan,
Number one sport, began as a colonial prject, but after japan left it becomes national game.
How did it happen?
Chapter is 3; 54-64
Lin and Li participated in baseball
Japanese ; savage goverance
o Ka governers of Japanese
o Jiku;
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