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GASA01H3 Lecture Notes - Taegukgi (Film), Korean Wave, Korean War

Global Asia Studies
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Jin Park

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WEEK 12: global asia, anime
The new millennium or late stage of modernity
o Cinema;
o Anime
o Biotechnology
Korean cinema
o Tae Guk Gi: brotherhood of war
Japanese anime
o Pokeman
o Global rise of Japanese army men : mugokuseki(stateless) or nationless; cute culture
products they focus on monsters
The age of mechanical reproduction
o Walter Benjamin : essay ; in 1920-30: era characterized by mechanical reproduction
Reproduction or postcards
Technological reproduction: the introduction of phonographs in korea in the
1890s( made and reproduced) and the new millennium: youtube( you are not
bound to any time, in the past u would need to wiat to experience any form of
media, then utube; much quicker, instantly get what is wanted
Print culture, movies and music were independent; go to the movies to watch
movies but the New millennium the culture of convergence ( iphone; doing
them together)- talk, email, watch movies, and do everything in one place
Nation based: animation; new aspect of consumption VS transnational: u can
download on u r own time
East Asian nation of reeivers of visual and populat cultural prodcuts: ex. 1950’s
South korea began to experience pop culture songs through US military camps
and radio AFKN , western forms of pop culture , came from the west and to
Asian countires VS East Asian nations as producers of visual an pop cultural
products: rise of new cinema, and animation, producers , Asian nations wants to
b receivers of cultural procuts are now becoming products
o The new millennium
Technological reproduction
Post industrialization era;
Hallyu; Korean wave
o Korean cultural product were famous in china in 1990s, movies stars and singers were
more famous then chinsee actors jounalists impressed by them they dfined them
o It’s literally a wave, Korean peninsula ; enjoying populatrity worldwide
o Hallyu comes from various cultural dramas
Hallyu : the new Korean cinema, the cold war division
o Ex. Shiri; used to be one nation then got divided by colonization
These films about historical routed divison of koreas past: get a sense of htier
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