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GASA01H3 Lecture Notes - Plant Virus, Modern Girl, Biomedicine

Global Asia Studies
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Jin Park

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WEEK 13-Asian Biotechnology
Biotechnology: to use biological subtances and techniques; stem cells renew certain cells
o Tech geered to production of genetically modififed food and producing drugs and
therapies for wide range of disease
o Chinese: in order to feed the chinse nation the food pop must increase by 60%
Invest in industry of genetically modified foods and industrially proceesed
Geneticall modified food more plant virus
2002: Chinese farmers planted GM cotton x2 the size of Belgium
Pest resistance , cus it is more vulberablt ot pest artificial
o GM rice made in china
2002; successfully made GM food and also 80% less pesticide
Cut down labour cost and production cost and eventually produce larger
qaunitty of rice
o Feed the nation
Chinseese soverighnty , food pro. And consumption: this ensure chinse
ownership of their food and culture someone else won’t take over
Frankenfoods: negative effects and harmful effects cus of GM food
Medical tourism in Thailand:
o Definition Vs third world
o Hospitals that are built that are attracting theseillets and hospotals are equipped with
tech and expertise of medication and distinguishe with their magagement, very secue
and sanitized environment
o The consumption of health caar e in Thailand
Number of customers come for cometic surgery and sex reassignemt surgery
Lower cost then industrialized naitons like. Comprehensive package in 2007:
dental checkups, lower prices
o Stratedy: offerin international standards at low cost
Internation standart question like is the hospital safe
They offer : docs western trained , no prob with communication
5 star hotel lobby
Attentive nurses and foreign patients at bumrungrad
o Key elements in medical tourism an dbumrungrad
o Thailands medical tourism
Aisa is producing
Keyterms: not definition but understanding it in the material/ question from quiz and midterms
- By studying multiple question and the essy u don’ thve to speratley study for that
- Understanding of course material
Final review
Modernity: condition asia modern society emerged
o Part 1: med
o Rise of biomedicine ; based upon human autonomy with jap and meiji resotartion in
o East Asian nation: korea and also embracing the newness of western techniques so
they co existed but also wanted to keep their own eastern nation
o Part 2
o Mechanical reproduction like the record reproduce through factory based mass
production 20 th century
o Rise of pop sport imposed by industrialized nation like jap ; to Taiwan
o Pop music: influence of jap power by twiwan and korea deconilizzzzzed and after 1945
u see how American reconilized by the presence of us military and forms of pop
culture( KfKN) influence of US of south korea
o Ww2 over east asiandictate bu presence of us
o Part 3 : women and gender
o Modern girl: media rep.
o Rise of café waitress: working class actuall women that represented in early 20th
century : how they ooked or acted and their idnetnity Contrast:
o Sati: women were practised abolition 19th century but ht ewest stood behind this , it
was suffering of indian women ; cus of tradition
o Make: contrast
o Part 4: visual culture and technology
o The new millennium : no longer receivers like in the past but producers by the rise of
ja anime and biotechnology
o Asian modernity: represent suffering laws, progress or pop culture of modernity