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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Asia is named by the Greeks to define land that is not theirs
Chapter 1
Early and Palaeolithic cultures
Homo erectus; homo sapiens Beijing man, ‘java man
Fire, weapons, cave paintings
Early adaptations to environmental changes
Neolithic revolution
Emergence of civilization: metal tools, permanent settlements, irrigation
Domestication of crops and animals led to permanent settlements to take care of
Agricultural origins in Southeast Asia
Taro, yam
Water buffalo, pigs, chicken
Matriarchal system
People and early kingdoms of Southeast Asia
Early migration
Spread of Southeast Asians into southern China
Brought their cultures with them
Prehistoric China
Pottery and millet
Banpo village: Irrigation
Independent development of Chinese civilization (did not depend on other cultures)
Korea and Japan
Millet spread from China to Korea
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