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Global Asia Studies
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Cholera outbreak in Haiti is said to be related to Nepalese peacekeepers. Cholera strains
commonly found in South Asia
Livelihood week 8
1.Teahouse in early twentieth century Chengdu, China
Regulated for prices, sanitary
Teahouses were used for many purposes
Tea houses sold water as well
As sort of a center for many residents
Tea masters are crucial to the success of tea houses, like a host greeting guests
Women were rarely a part of tea houses
2.Men to Bombay, women at home
A lot of men from Sugao move to Mumbai for work, leaving their wives at home
Mainly in textile works
Trying to draw focus back into rural areas
Housing is mapped by caste system
Agriculture dominate money and power comes from land ownership
Payment for work: barter system, work for cash, day or year labour
The panchayat system is a 3 tier structure of elected officials at village, block and
district level
Not for women to move to Mumbai in the past
But widows move to the city and open eateries for migrant workers from their
3.Soccer ball industry of Sialkot, Pakistan
Employs 70,000 people
Exports 30 million balls a year
Could be hand stitched, machine stitched, or thermal bonding
Exports 40% of all soccer balls
Allows workers to stay in the rural areas to work
Cannot compete with Chinese companies
4.The cycle rickshaw in Bangladesh
Getting out of style
But useful in places where cars cannot access
A part of the citys landscape
Provides jobs for many
Rickshaw art has no financial purposes, but show pride to its maker and driver