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Global Asia Studies
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Libbie Mills

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Healer-patient relationship
The relationship between the two are imbalanced because patients tend to think that
doctors have authority over our body
What creates this imbalance?
The level of trust
Level of education
Level of health
Why use the word healer rather than doctor?
Doctor implies western medicine, book learners
Healer include local knowledge of healing, spiritual
Traditions outside of western medicine
Why do we give respect & obedience to healers?
The formal knowledge (also spiritual) that normal people dont have
A certain degree of fear associated with going to the doctor
What are intimacies and limits of the relationship?
Mutual trust
What the doctor knows stays with the doctor
They know your body
Do these limits change between methods?
Depending on the field of work
Different doctors have different terrains of work (dentist vs. chiropractor)
What is western medicine?
Products of European enlightenment (fundamental Greek texts), with connection to
Egypt, India, Rome
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