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Global Asia Studies
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Libbie Mills

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Sound and Quiet
Communication of ideas through words and written
Verbiage compared with quiet
3.Folk tales
4.Hero stories
1. Proverbs
Aristotle said proverbs are short and clever and from the past
Bohn said proverbs are something short and of the people
Reading 4.1
Survived through simple clever rhymes
Reading 4.2
Long, skim through it
2. Sayings
Distinguishing proverbs from sayings
Proverbs are short and clever, in everybody. It is something everybody knows,,, memorable
Saying is like a proverb in shortness and memorability, but not public property
It is 1. Authored
2. Not carried in peoples head, it is looked up, recited.
- Confucius
- Taoteching
- Zen
Reading 4.3 Confucius (analects)
They are reflective sayings, not as funny and catchy as proverbs
Reading 4.4 Lao-tzo
Taoteching is the book of Tao (way) and Te (reaching Tao, virtue)
Reading 4.5 Zen (Bodhidharma)
Zen is the way of experience, not learning
Every action is a tool of learning
Open your mouth already made a mistake
3. Folk tales
Using simple things to depict strength & weaknesses
Reading 4.6 by Narayana Hitopadesa
The lion and the rabbit
The traveller and the tiger
Reading 4.7
The swordfish attack
The kancil and the crocodile
The kancil and the tiger
4. Heroes
Reading 4.7 4.9