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28 Jan 2011
Midterm exam 10%
Monday Oct 25 in class
SW128 1:10PM 1 hour long
Prep: review lecture
Notes, readings, professors
Part 1. How it is determined
Reading 5.1 Dumont, Louis. 1970. Homo hierarchicus
People refer back to this text to look at other society structure
1.Ranking on a purity pollution scale, into many castes
Hereditary groups are distinguished from one another and connected
together by three characteristics
2.Ranking in four orders of power
1.Brahmin (priest/scholar)
2.Ksatriya (king/warrior)
3.Raisya (merchant/farmer)
4.Sudra (servant)
Plus those below the ranking once termed untouchables. Now harijan or
Can be related to pollution scale too, but mainly a power element
Part 2. How status is shown
Appearance is important because it is the most obvious thing
Physical appearance such as facial hair
Appearance to denote status
Reading 5.2 hair and clothing in south Asia
Groomed success in many things, such as household
Unkempt leaving household life to pursue other things
Shaven enter society, leaving behind uncleanliness
Arrival of European clothing to south Asia
Sartorial strategies
Full adoption of European style
Complete rejection of it
Half-way measures part time or combination
1. Manufacture of fabric
South Asian hand-spun khadi cloth
Imported machine spun cloth
Aniline dyes
2. Manufacture of garment
Prior to European contact, south Asian clothing have minimal stitching
Imported clothing heavily tailored
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