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Global Asia Studies
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Libbie Mills

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We live in our imaginations. If two people have different imagination, then they live in
different worlds.
Schools of cosmo in early china
1.Kai thien heavenly cover
2.Hun thien celestial circles
3.Hsuan yeh infinite emptiness
Distance between heaven & earth is 40000 km
Earth float on water. Heaven is supported by vapour.
Where did the dead go? (Different views)
Maintain an etherealised body on earth (staying)
Assume life in an underworld, the yellow springs (going slightly down)
Assume life among the constellation (rise up)
No sense of good goes to heaven and bad go to hell
Vedic cosmology (rg veda, second half of second millennium BCE)
The cosmos in 2 parts: sky(dyaus) and earth(prthivi)
The cosmos in 3 parts: earth(bhur), atmosphere(bhurah), and heaven(svar) (this one
No rebirth after death
Cosmologies of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism elements in common
Universe is ethicised
Universe is in three parts: heaven, earth, hell
Mount Menu runs through the centre as an axis mundi
The world at our level consists of concentric rings of earth and ocean, usually 7 of
The universe moves in vast cycles of time
Reincarnation according to deeds (karma)
On a whole, Hindu & Buddhist think earth takes the shape of an egg. Jain thinks the world
takes form of a giant human.