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28 Jan 2011
This week
India, Tibet, Japan
Epigenesist vs. Preformation (grows from one thing, to the finished product vs. Planted the
finished product, it grows until its big enough
Reading 2.1 (6-7 century) Indian (no mention of religion in this reading)
The three dosas (harmful forces, but when they are in balance, they provide perfect health)
Before you were born, you have perfect health, but after, you depend on dosas
Reading 2.2 (16th-17th century) Tibet (Buddhist)
Download chart off blackboard
Reading 2.3 (7th century) India
Dominic wujastyk: kasyapasamhita
Childsnatcher snatching unborn babies and kill them.
A woman pregnant for 1st time, comes in contact with an unclean woman (whose baby have
died), she might be accessible to the childsnatcher.
*contact means anything the unclean woman might have used or touched.
Reading 2.4 Buddhist religious text (Robert kritzer, garbhavakrantisutra)
Rebirth is a bad thing in Buddhism
Normal pregnancy: the foetus is aware of agony in the womb, and past birth on birth, the
memory of its past births disappears as it is being squeezed out.
Birth of the Buddha: queen dreams of a white elephant, Buddha comes out and walks its
first steps. Birth of Buddha is beautiful, unlike normal birth.
The queen could see the Buddha in her belly (so does everybody else). He could also see out.
He is aware of everything that is going on, and looks like he is ready to teach. He sat in the
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