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lecture 2

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Michael Bunce

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Place Massey - our definition of place may be close, local, what we are fam iliar with (groundedfixed) 1. Grounded spa ces with meaning a lot of places are becoming less grounded -- ungrounded - places are affected by global proc esses, penetrat ion of those processes into your neighbourhood - global sense of place - maybe virtual rat her than tangible places (internet, television, movies) 2. Places are internally complicated - are nas of negotiation - negotiate their own relationship 3. Global spaces are grou nded too - grou nded in your local sense of place when you go to local restauran t, shop - where things are made - think outside of the small are a you are in Thinki ng Geogra phically about Globalization [Global processes, local effects] - KFC (Yum Foods international) in Barb ados, 7up, local fish, local beer - advertising, globalization of food prod ucts - global scale of activities, corp orat ions 1. What is globalization? What processes does it involve? 2. What is significant about understanding global processes? 3. What is thinking geographically 4. What does a geograp
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