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lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Bunce

Scale - everything happens throu gh a scale (an hierarc hy of scales - individual to universal, beyond eart h) - Relationships at all of these scales - things are all happening at the same time at different scales - wha t are the connections between these processes @ regional, national, local scale - sp atial sc ale - label people culturally [(from Africa African) differences between north and south, or within the country - many differences] - language - world of econom y Maps and sp atial im aging Spatial intera ction - flows of goods, services, inform ation, people acros s space Convergence of tim e and sp ace: shri nki ng dist ance - increase in spatial interac tion has occurre d with improv ements in technology - spa tial interaction is the most significant concept in understanding globalization - increasing spe eds - global and local, person and global - instantaneous and brings makes the world so small so time & spa ce is abso lute com munication of inform ation and the com munication of ideas, com munication of technology, comm uni cation of wealth -- overcome spa ce Locations of activities - spatial distribution of activities, population, resources - prox imity and distance (global and local) - why are things whe re they are ? -
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