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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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Michael Bunce

- dyn ami c geograp hies of manufacturing: the endless searc h for optim al locations - com panies try to minimize labourenviron mental costs - other costs can drive com panies away e.g. taxes, low levels of regulation - retail end of the com modity chain: tran sformation of urban spaces - Wal-mart -- looking for minimal costs to maximize their profits, provides a vast ran ge of afford able goods to its custom ers - employees and labourers are low-paid and econom y exploits surface value of labour - converting prod uctive land use consumptive land use - directly involved with localities exploited, but mu st be exploited - localities will not have ability to survive - Haiti labourers still go to work , government says higher wages will drive company away, company says it is a fair wage - social exploitation or new opportunities for employment, incom e and development? If a plant closes in a Canadian com pany and moves to Mexico what do unemployed Canadian work ers and employed Mexican work ers have in com mon? - both facing serious challenges as far as income is concerned - exploitative assembly line Factors to consi der extent of agglom erat ion (clustering) effects - benefits for factories being located near other factories - manufacturing zones -- compete, suppl y each other of inputs, exte
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