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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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Michael Bunce

L0 8 - broad distribution of wealth, investment in infras tructure, improv ements for all - su st ainable developm ent Issu es to consider - developmen t of gender equality - women vs. men - role of resource endowments and technology - pathways to developmen t - core -periphery relations - highly dependent on those with wealth capitaltechno logical inno vations - how well connected as a country to the core Developme nt Theories: - mo dernization theory: Western, industrial developmen t mo del - conditions for development are not always present - China and India do not have empires - depe ndency theory: periphery (Third World, less developed countries, the South) exploited by and depe ndent on the core - LDC never going to develop up to the level of living to the mo re developed - dependent on where the capitaleconom ic powerresources are - commu nity-based, sustainable developm ent - think geograp hically about scale and place - get commu nities involved in their own developmen t - rejec ts mo dernization and dependency Unev en dev elopm ent - prob lem with core -periphery concept, Third World and arbitrari ness of Nort h-South divide: the idea of two distinct worlds, developed and less-developed, rich and poor
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