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Lecture 9

lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Bunce

L0 8 - fear of terrori sm newstricter imm igrat ion controls - secular model of migration: move and stay - temporary model of migrat ion - new types of migrat ion: - astron aut (p. 1153 ): whole fam ilies move to countries such as Australia or Canada for better security while the main breadwinner returns to country of origin for work - return (p. 1153 ): returning to country of origin - retirement (p. ): move back to country for relaxation - cultural: arran ge to return to hom e soil after death - flexible migration: growth of temporari ly, cyclical and recurring migrat ion Cul tural globalization: global culture and local identities What is culture? - system of shared values and mea ning Cultural identity: - language - religion - nationality and ethnicity - gender - place - expressed at different spatial scales: local, regional, national, global - dynamic but also exhibits continuity -- used to ground people - symbolic of a sense of identityplace How are cultural identities displayed in places and regions? - cultu ral comp lexes -- cultural regions: [history , tribal identity, infrastructure]
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