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Lecture 10

lecture 10

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Michael Bunce

L0 9 - internet -- blocked access is a limiting factor to globalizationvoicing opinions - hybridization: cultural mixing - AmericanizationWesternization -- contra flows - enrichment of cultural experience rat her than an impoverishment of culture - adds something new - global versus local - tran snationalism -- people no longer have roots in one country due to migrat ion lives cut across residence in one country extends to cultural world - cultural globalization [via internet] global culture - unevenness of access to and consumption of global popular culture - local-global; trad itional-modern culture - cell phones, modes of transmission - persistence of different cultural experiences and mea nings - traditional ways, local lifestyles - strengths of beliefs, customs, traditions, and heritage - how une ven access to it is, how traditional-mo dern can coexist, whether persistence coexists, and how strong they are attached to heritage - resistance to global culture - China -- allowing MNCs however restricting limiting access The New Worl d Ord er - fall of com munism, spread of Western mark et system - why is an understanding of geopolitics so important?
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