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Lecture 11

lecture 11

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Michael Bunce

Global Future s - ideologies, contra dictions, re si st ance and alterna tives Wha t are the ke y iss ues of the global future ? - environmental pollution - control of power - peak oil - supplyterritory of land -- resource depletion - water - clima te change -- rising sea levels - population grow th (demograp hic tran sition model) - pandemics through improv ements in transport ation, migrat ion - leads to global conflictunrest Why are global processe s re sist ed and w hat are the alternatives? Can local and global co-exist ? - dependence on elsewhere ideo logies - neo-liberal: the global free ma rket - social democrat ic: the global welfare state - mixed economy - global system that benefits everyone - marx ist: global capitalism vs. international socialism -state regulated economy - state in the name of the people would control production and distributed - Cold War: ideological foundation - green: the global comm ons (of equal access and use by the people) - environ mental proc esses everyone is c
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