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Michael Ekers

Lec 2 - What is Geography? What is globalization? Review ~ A variety of diff global processes exist: -Economic, political, cultural & environmental ~ We may bound together through a variety of processes but people experience global issues very differently ~ When we critically interrogate our own everyday lives, they are revealed to be global Defining geography ~ "The study of the spatial org of human activity and of people's relationship with their environments" ~ Our human activity is always spatial ~ The word 'organization' points to a broad number of reactions including a consideration of economics, culture, politics, and other social processes ~ The word environment should be understood broadly to include a range of different social and physical landscapes and places Geography: Key Assumptions ~ There is nothing natural about our social worlds, rather our social words are produced through a range of relationships and process ~Multiple histories and geographies exist And over-layer one another ~Social and cultural difference and inequality are defining features of the world Opening Quote and Question " A highly embroiled Place ~ A place is often assumed to be a discreet entity like a park, neighbourhood or campus - Based on assumption that a place is a bounded object - Assumption that place is comprised of a 'coherent community' ~Why does place matter? - Your attachment to place animates your life - opportunities; labour market ~How do we define UTSC as a place? -a place of learning - diverse staff and students that creates opportunities and strength What relations constitute, sustain and underpin the UTSC Campus? -place changes, not solid - defined by series of processes, relations and movement Place - a place is a social, cultural, political and economic entity that assumes its "specific character because of the complex flows and connections that come together (in a locale)" -A global sense of place -Layered meaning reflects the social construction of place -Places are not simply coherent communities but rather are internally contradictory -Places subject to change - gentrification, sprawl, decline, 'ethnoburbs' Why does place matter? -plays a powerful role in defining life chances - e.g. Jane and finch; people change their address when applying to a job due to the neighbourhood -provides the settings for people's daily lives - cant have this class without some space -all processes are grounded in some physical location -global finance is connected to specific locations in a series or 'world cities' - the particularly of a place affects the character of range of social, cultural, political, and economic process -e.g. mc Donald's; all over the world and they all look different The Challenge of Place -"If place is really a meeting place then 'the lived reality of our daily lives' is far from being localised- in it's connections,
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