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lecture 2

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Susannah Bunce

GGRA02 Lec 2 week 2Thinking geo About globalization Global processes local effects Local shop and global shop in town KFCglobalization of food culture this is an example of how global and the local could stay together there are local fish markets with KFC together and global will not wipe out the localalthough KFC is a fast food global cooperation local entrepreneur are involved in investing in local KFC louisy in some small townGlobally capital information material flow in human geo Main question Globalization is everywhere and the process in it Socially violently vertically Apply geo Concept and know the concept and methods Geo Perspective have to offer Globalizationno single def but argument around itGlobalization economic Integration global capitalism Globalization Join different econ together different system and larger sys Global and political interdependence and interconnectivity example of political interdependence help in organization to organized trades and interdependence and interconnectity WTO Global culture cultural interdependence and interconnectity mixing and dismantling def to gradually get rid of a system or organization local and global community but in fact it could be not global since it based western view and allied for us bush Global villageelectric media created connect global and communicate quicklyBoundarybroadening and spaceshrink
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