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Lecture 1 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Bunce

Thinking Geographically about Globalization Global processes, local effects 1. Main questions What is globalization? What processes does it involve? What is significant about understanding global processes? What is thinking geographically? What does a geographical perspective have to offer? 2. Globalization No single definition but some agreement that it involves: global economic integration, i.e. joining different economic activities in different places into a larger system global economic system, i.e. organization of elements of the global economy into a single system global interdependence and interconnectivity, i.e. elements of the system are dependent on each other and involve high levels of interconnection on an increasingly global scale global culture: idea of global community, common global values, global village. Example, globalization of TV programs. 3. Significance of global processes (globalization) Its really happening and wont go away It affects us all It generates big arguments about its impacts 4. Ideologies and discourses of globalization Pro-globalization: good for the economy and therefore good for people. Increases trade and integration into the global economy, therefore encourages economic growth which will trickle down even to poorer countries. Anti-globalization: increases disparities, environmental degradation, reduces national sovereignty. Benefits of any global economic growth will trickle up to richer countries, financiers, global corporations. Plus Alter-globalization (Murray, p.13) the idea that globalization can result in positive and negative outcomes depending on how its constructed, this would involve changing rather than dismantling globalization. Well return to this idea at the end of the course. 5. Geographical perspective: thinking geographically Whats so geographical about globalization? Think about thus question in terms of how the main concepts of human geography apply to globalization. What does geography have to offer to the study of globalization?
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