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Name: Kamielle Grant Student #: 996126749 T.A. Name: Tom Young Tutorial: TUT0006 (A) The Global Assembly Line The articles, Ugly Beautiful by Louise Crewe and The Tyranny of the Brands by Naomi Klein, both touch on the same main arguments. They talk about the effects of unregulated globalization and how multinational corporations use branding to influence the market. As mentioned in Kleins article, she notes that the real work is not in manufacturing but in building up their brands (1). The manufacturing of the clothes is another important theme in both articles. They address the fact that the products being sold in many of these multinational corporations are made in developing countries by workers that are not paid fair wages. These workers are also often subject to an unsafe work environment. The products being made are also many times of subpar standards. The goal of these companies is to make a profit and this is often of the expense of the safety and well being of people who work in their factories. Both of these articles call into question the social responsibility of these corporations. They make the reader think about who makes our clothes, where it is from, and what conditions they are being made in. Through this it allows consumers to take a more active role in what is going on around the world by taking a stand and choosing carefully where they want to spend their money. The goal of these articles I believe are the make people more politically and economically aware of what is going on in the consumer based world they live in. I have carefully reviewed the websites of three companies that pride themselves on being socially responsible. These companies are Lululemon, Go Natural Baby, and Autonomie Project, Inc. They are all companies that are in the clothing and fashion industry. They also all have ways they strive to better communities around the world. The first website I reviewed was of Lululemon. This company is the one that relates the most to Kleins article about branding. It focuses a lot of its attention on the
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