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Michael Bunce

GGRA02 : The changing global context ( lec 3) 250111 The changing global context A lesson in historical perspective Modern globalization: Thailand is a part of the world that has never been colonized, its pretty much independent... but around it Vietnam they have been colonized of European people in 18 century. So Thailand is a bit of an exception, and so... they have an empire history... Globalization has been an evolutionary process... Question: When, how and why did the economy go global? The world is ten years old: it was born when the wall fell: the Berlin wall (soviet block and European) - Merrill lynches: In 1989 many world markets are only recently freed the spread of free markets and democracy around the world is permitting more people everywhere to turn their aspiration into achievements. And technology... has the power to erase not just geographical borders but also humanones: Basically its just that every can go freely everywhere But wait: 1) Did globalization just being in 1989? 2) Has it no history? 3) Are there not antecedents? Modern global capitalism? Ancient beginnings:
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