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Lecture 2

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Susannah Bunce

L02 - An Urbanizing world: the Role and Importance of cities urban: the characteristics attributed to a physical space (city) - factual features - higher densities = (population and buildings) - less farming area - higher concentration of employment - more roads and transportation infrastructure - higher concentration of political, religious, cultural, and educational institutions - higher concentration of industries city: a physical space with urban characteristics - roles: political entities, centres of cultural and economic power, intellectual centres, religious centres, places with geo-political boundaries, physical entities urbanization: the process of becoming urban (can be in the city, or outside of an already established area) - removal of rural characteristics of an area - social and technological advancements - physical density: more buildings - population density: more people Urbanization and Cities - 21stcentury = urban millennium (United Nations) [living in what can be defined as an urban area] - 1900: 13% of the global population was considered to live in an urban area - 2005: 50% - 2020, predicted 60% urbanization level: number of people living in an area that is defined as urban urbanization rate: speed of urbanization process - USA has a higher urbanization level but not rate - global South, more people moving into urban areas at a rapid
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