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lecture 3

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Susannah Bunce

L03 - global city: command centre of the global economy, place for people to migrate to - cities are trying to attract investmentlabour to become financially stronger Patterns of Urbanization th - late 19 century: growing public concern about the social and environmental hazards of industrial cities in EuropeNorth America: * rapid industrialization of cities - ruralurban * overcrowded housing - high demands not met * disease - death rate fell below births, cholera * pollution - incompatibility of locations (proximity of residence to factories) - Manchester black city - coal on walls of buildings - along trade routes to New York City from ship to places with poor sanitation and high population * lack of separate land uses - no governmental sensepublic concern Urban Public Health Movement: 1850s [new ways to address urban environments] - political movement to improve welfare of city residents - policies to improve sanitation - municipal government investment in public infrastructure - emergence of urban planning - land use zoning: separation of land uses [urban planning] - policies to improve sanitation (sewage systems), financial investment - United Kingdom - start of government legislating housing * 1909, first piece of urban planning legislation - forbade building back-to-back housing * Housing Act 1919, ministry of health ha
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