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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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Susannah Bunce

L08 - Urban Built Form: Smart Growth and Compact Cities Smart Growth - 1990s: North American policy model for the establishment of growth management policies and practices in urban regions - began in United States but moved to Canada during growth in population - establishment of urban growth boundaries: greenbelts - development within existing urban boundaries - bringing people back to cities, away from the low density lifestyle based on automobiles sustainable Nodal Development : growth focused around existing urban nodescentres (concentration of mixed use: transit, commerce, residences) - emphasis of already established centres - public concern about suburban expansion (encroachment on regional agricultural lands - decrease in rural land -- sustainability and food supply) Greenfield Development : new residential, commercial, and physical infrastructure development on formerly agricultural or wilderness lands - preserving greenfield development = only development was for farmland - government and private sector concern about economic impacts of sprawled development, economic limits to urban growth - correlation between peoples commuting pattern and economic production - regulated uses of suburbanization but incompatible (rural - urban) - marketing suburban residential development away from cities to live in countryside - focusing on sustainability to healthier spaces (urban = healthy, away from automobiles) Places to Grow Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Southern Ontario) - 2000: initiated Smart Growth Plan for Southern Ontario - inspired by smart growth
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