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Lecture 9

lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Susannah Bunce

- preliminary research L09 - Sustainable Urban Planning and Design urban planning: future ideas and implementable practices for shaping land use and social processes in cities 3 main fields of urban planning: 1. land use planning: zoning, land development, transportation - work with preset regulations to decide on land forms of the neighbourhood - a street is highly regulated 2. social planning: social services, programs, communities - grew in popularity in 1960s after interest in civil rights, social programming, community services - works with community groups to identify issues with that community & how to solve - theory in practice in relation to local scale 3. environmental panning: sustainability, ecological restoration, parkgreen spaces - think about social and ecological needs in that area - how to protect but also allow for social uses - architects and engineers = historical planners, professional schools in 1930s - planners become more important in relation to suburban expansion to plan more wisely as suburbanization is based on the separation of land uses - what the best use of land will be 3 main areassites of urban planning : institutional: government and other public sector organizations - tangent with public will of decision of city councilaims of politicians non-governmental: non-profit organizations, community groups, individual citizens - social
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