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Lecture 11

lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Susannah Bunce

- exam is cumulative but will be broader - part A = long essay question (conceptually broad), bringing in concepts to make your argument L11 - Responses to Urban Environmental Problems - role of activism and can be formal advocacy at the city scale - to change behaviour and attitudes of citizens - environmental politics is key Practice of Urban Sustainability e.g. City of Toronto case example of waste disposal - in Canadian municipalities, waste disposal is funded and managed by local government - all households have access to green boxblue boxwaste disposal programs - practice taken for granted (eat and throw) - TARGET 70 campaign for solid waste diversion (from landfills through composting, recycling, and general reduction) * reduce packaging, reuse instead of purchasingusing disposablenonrecycable items - all garbage from Toronto is currently shipped to a landfill in Michigan (stop in 2010) - high costs of transporting garbage across the border contract stopped - Toronto purchased Green Lane Landfill in Elgin County, Ontario in 2007 - $220 million - on Native territory political problem: transportation costs (from taxes), environmental injustice (of Natives to sell land for incentives), place and space (geographical problem - the city of Toronto is transporting their garbage outside the city and is expecting others to deal with it) - connectivitynetwork issue - others have to address our waste - trained as members of society to take for granted the types of networks of waste disposal w
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