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Lecture 12

lecture 12

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Susannah Bunce

L12 - Urban environmental citizenship and environmental transformation Cities and urbanization - over half of the global population lives in areas defined as urban urban = characteristic to a place (removal of rural lands, diversity of employment, high population density} - over 80% of Canadians now live in urban areas (Census Metropolitan Areas, 100 000+) - increase of urbanization across the globe - impact of urbanization on natural environment and cities * students feel that the top of the environment is depressing & it gives no hope for the futureempowerment of what is being addressed Official Citizenship - nationality - identification with nation state - allows membership in a political community (e.g. democracy) - political participation depending on citizenshipstatus - right to vote - rights of an individual within society - official citizenship status (permanent resident) Active Citizenship - individual responsibilities and duties within society: relationship between the individual with the commons (larger society) - individuals work to benefit the commons - individual and community identity - civic engagement and action Environmental Citizenship - environmental citizens make a commitment to the common good through responsibilities and actions - the balancing of environmental rights and responsibilities in search for environmental justice (obligation to act in an environmentally just manner via helping others) - brings awareness of in
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