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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

March 18 , 2014 Lecture 10 What does social spatial polarization mean? • There’s been increasing disparities of wealth • Occurs more often in the US • Is this something we should care about? • Service quality isn’t even • Unevendevlopment Race & Place • Systematic correlation and wealth • Happening in Toronto • Voluntary clustering • People who have resources are choosing to live in certain places • Involuntary clustering exclusion from certain places, gatekeepers • Real estates might decline choice of living • Land lord might give an excuse • It’s illegal • Lot s of documented cases where people tried to prevent certain ethnic groups Voluntary clustering: • Four many reasons why people would live with other people of same ethnicity: o Defense against discrimination o Avoidance of outside contact, due to language barriers o Create opportunities to preserve culture (opening restaurants, worshipping places, services) Spatial sorting processes: • People are constantly moving • As people are choosing new places, there’s preferences on where to live o Look at pricing, public services, and community KEY CONCEPT: • Spatial sorting of population happiness through volunteering and involuntary process • Involuntary sorting can result in serious disadvantages Municipal government fragmentation can increase social polarization: • Central city like Toronto and as the city grows the cities grows there various municipalities • I.e. East York, Metro Toronto • Municipal government provides a whole range of services • What happens when a city becomes a poor place? o Property value declines, municipal tax value declines, services are cut • Tax sharing rich and poor in parts of cities; if there’s sharing of funding then there’s a slowdown of decl
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