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Andre Sorensen

April 1, 2014 • Sustainable cities idea is that its globally • Cities are the center of production and consumption Sustainable cities idea: • Started in late 1980s • We have to try to achieve development that meets the need of the present without compromising the future generations • One of the key points of the doc is that the 3 big issues of intergenerational equity, intergenerational equity, and transfinite responsibility • Inter-generational: borrowing form the future generations o We are doing this right now, by using so much fossil fuels for example were damaging global climate and we are making future generations difficult to meet their needs • Inter-generational: o thinking about the world as a whole o environmental degration is the result of poverty o women getting education results in them not having a lot of children because they’re aware of ways to manage fertility o this is a way of tackling poverty o Having gross balance between rich and poor means we’ll be able to manage the world better • Trans-frontier: o Beyond borders o The idea is that there’s good if we ship our garbage elsewhere, were using global sink to add to the emission of gas o Toxic industrial waste to shipped somewhere else o NY city used to ship its ash in counties in western Africa o It’s illegal for Canada to ship hazardous material elsewhere, shipping environmental burden somewhere April 1, 2014 • All of this can be interpreted as environmental issues and polices • Sustainable development is development that improves the long term health of human and ecological systems’ Wheeler 1998 • We need to reduce energy by a capita of 90 percent • If We don’t make cities sustainable then we can’t make the whole world su
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