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Lecture 7

Lecture Seven

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Andre Sorensen

GGRA03 Lecture 7 Megacities Today: - what are megacities - why are megacities important - large size as an urban variable What is different in a megacity? Megacities: - unsustainability, u see higher risks of healthy decline, and other declines - how is unsustainability being framed, and how can we learn from it? Big Questions - in what ways are megacities a new form of urban development? - are there distinct characteristics? - why is size a problem? GIANT CITIES - giant cities are not a problem (theory), New york city most efficient in north America, generate less waste per capita - large cities are often higher quality of life, attractive places to live, energy efficient, jobs created - not necessarily problem for sustainability, is there an issue? - dystopia thought, there comes a point where a city becomes unliveable, in giant cities people dont know each other, increase in crime, sci fi sees giant cities as problematic in future - there seems to be a distrust and fear of giant cities WHY ARE MEGACITIES IMPORTANT? - megacities about 9% of worlds population - only 2 megacities, in 1950, Tokyo and newyork - 1975, mexico - by 2007 there were 19 including 15 in developing countries WHAT ARE MEGACITIES - has to be over 10 million population - in the past, it was 4 million, the number was lowered to provide more sample cities - difference between 1m to 10m: - larger the city, higher land prices (more people competing for land)
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