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Lecture 12

Lecture twelve

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Lecture 12 Sustainable City Debates - cities are path-dependent - important to recognize city patterns - cities are code-generated; continuous, never-ending movement of standardized units Sustainable Cities Idea - cities = key to environmental sustainability (idea draws on sustainable development; doesnt compromise to meet future needs) - inter-generational equity - intra-generational equity - transfrontier responsibility - sustainable development is a development that improves the long-term health of human and ecological systems (Wheeler 1998) So? - can policy and city planning actually help to make cities more sustainable? - we know that current cities are unsustainable Urban Sustainability Issues - Energy use - Co2 emissions - Water consumption - Resource consumption - Waste production - Storm water surges ---- All are URBAN FORMS What is Urban Form? - the spatial arrangement of activities in a city, the resulting spatial flows of people, goods, and information and the physical features which shape activities, including buildings, surfaces, transport and other infrastructure systems - urban form = hot political issue at start of 21st century Sustainable Urban Form? - urban density, land use mix, etc.
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