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Andre Sorensen

Garbage What is garbage? Material that has no apparent, obvious or significant economic or beneficial value to humans that is intentionally thrown away for disposal But some do have value Composition of dumps and amount of garbage changed radically after WWII, a whole range of material were developed, such as plastic Before WWII, not a lot of waste were toxic Increase in wealth in the past 50 years, packaging material become such a small amount of the whole cost Huge increases in waste production From 1960 to 1990 US garbage production per capita almost doubled from 2.7 lbsper capita to 4.5 lbsper capita Changed retail system, packaging became crucial Major change in composition of waste, grow of plastic products and packaging, household chemical, disposable products Changing dump technology th First half of 20 century, most dumps were pits in valleys or off cliffs Increase concern about rats, disease, led to development of sanitary landfill technology Water draining from dumps was highly toxic, liners are now used Soil layers were spread on top of each days dump to prevent disturbance 161 former land dumps in Toronto sanitary landfill creates leacheate Main problems with landfills? - 300+ years to decompose - Liners we are dumping on now, wont last 300+ years What is in our waste stream?
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